Kindergarten – There is only one intelligent child and every mother has one.

The pre primary wing is designed to address the varied needs of children with the deep understanding of child psychology. The teacher selection, class room area, play area and activities are formulated to nurture young children for their wholesome development. Play way method is used to impart knowledge and they provide personal attention to every child because, our optimal teacher : children ratio complements their effort.

Activities: Music and Puppet story telling is also a part of their activity to enrich their artistic knowledge.

Rhymes, Stories, Alphabet and Numbers are taught through Educomp mode of teaching.



Primary – Classes I to V

The primary wing is designed to develop the basic knowledge of every child to make their foundation strong. Our tie-up with Educomp is an endeavor in this direction. Various topics covered under this program provides a vast knowledge and help to our Children. Moral classes are incorporated in their syllabus to ensure the wholesome development and rightful attitude in every child.

The class rooms are spacious and well ventilated to give them the fresh ambience. Educational field trips and library visits are arranged every year. Educomp mode of teaching is mandatory for all classes.

Activities – Cubs, Music, Dance, Yoga & Art

Specialist Teachers for Subjects.



Secondary – Classes VI to X

The secondary wing is the important period in every child to make decisions in their life. The support and guidance to the children is provided with right spirit through educational programs. Teachers are more friendly and reliable for the children to open up and talk about their careers. We provide a friendly atmosphere between teachers and students to encourage the child to succeed in his/her school tenure.

Educomp mode of teaching is mandatory and we provide them with a reference library in every class room. Mathematics lab is an additional feature for secondary wing in order to develop the numerical talent in every child. Audio visual periods is also a wonderful experience for the children to inculcate the worldly knowledge.

Athletic instruction and vigorous training are imparted to bring out the spirit of sportsmanship among the students.

Activities – Music, Classical dance, Arts and crafts, Yoga, Nature club.



Higher Secondary: Classes XI & XII

Now our school has been upgraded to open the students the higher secondary education which is very important for them to choose their specialization after completing their high school. To began with we have the 4 major groups classes A and B consisting of two groups each.

Group 1: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science.

Group 2: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Group 3: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Application.

Group 4: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths.

We accommodate 100 students at this level. Our motive is to enable them explore the different opportunities available.

So apart from books we conduct Career Guidance Program and have allowed our premises for NEET coaching classes.

We wish and pray that all our students may be eligible blessed citizens of our community.